Thousands of Package Bank Accounts have been mis-sold.

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What is PBA?

PBAs are current bank accounts that come with an included “package” of additional features. These features can include “free” travel and mobile phone insurance, better rates on loans and overdrafts, and sundries such as cash-back on selected household bills that are paid by direct debit out of the account.

PBAs are often called “premium,” “gold,” or “reward” accounts. You usually have to pay a monthly account fee for the privilege of having one of these accounts.

PBA mis-selling

When you open a bank account, it’s important that your bank gives you a choice about the type of account you have.

Banks often recommend that customers sign-up for a PBA, which is fine, as long as the account is right for you. Before they are in a position to make such a recommendation, the bank must have a full understanding of your personal and financial circumstances at the time.

Were you mis-sold a PBA?

Some banks used some unfair tactics to persuade customers to take out PBAs. Did you experience any of these?

  • You were pressured into taking out a PBA when you didn't want one.
  • You were told that you had to take out the PBA to get a loan, credit card, or overdraft.
  • You were just given a PBA; you didn’t know you had a choice.
  • The PBA had features that you would never use.
  • You already had some of the "benefits" that were included with the PBA

Why claim with The Claimcentre

At The Claimcentre we really want to help you to make a positive difference to your life.
Reclaiming any mis-sold PBA could give you some additional money and we are with you every step of the way.

No Lender Paperwork Required

Lost or no longer have your original paperwork? No problem. We can obtain copies all your paperwork for you, even if your not sure if you’ve had a packaged bank account.


We have been in this industry for  years. In this time, we have gained skills to expertly find PBA mis-selling and claim it back for you.

Happy Clients

We have helped over 1000’s satisfied customers.


Don't just take our word for it.

Here is what our customers have to say.

Received some money back on my pba claim which was great. The helpful assistant explained all to me once i had received my money off Lloyds. I would and will recommend you to others and thanks for my claim.

Mr Bowes-Cole
Money from Lloyds bank

Good Morning this is just a short e-mail to thank you for reclaiming my money from Barclays. I had never thought of the additions account as a claim factor and through your hard work I am £600+ better off after your 39% has been withdrawn so thank you very much for an unexpected extra happy summer time.

Mr Flynn
Money back from Barclays

I initially ignored a call from this company because of scepticism about claiming but after reconsideration I asked them to pursue claims on my behalf.I have nothing but praise for everyone I have had contact with in relation to my claims. Anything I have not understood, they have clarified for me and they have tenaciously pursued repayments on my behalf. This is particularly the case with PBA. The bank informed me that I was not eligible for repayment/ compensation.

Mrs Broomhead
Money back Natwest